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"I asked Mendy to help with a CRM + correspondence...and she run it, which leaves more time for me. I'm in front of my clients more. My income quadrupled this month because I was focusing on the income-producing activities + paid Mendy to handle the tasks that were slowing my productivity down!!! So happy to qualify leadership + my next promotion!"

- Pam

"I've been struggling with business email marketing for years. I had great ideas, could write fairly well, but didn't have the time to get them sent. Mendy had my email sent within a week, starting from scratch! Completely 100% worth the money. Highly recommend her to small business owners who need more time." 

- Faithann

"Mendy is fantastic! I have been in my house for 28 years and have accumulated a lot of junk! It started to stress me out and she has totally saved me! She is so efficient, creative, and patient! She goes room by room with me and eventually she will organize and de-clutter my entire home! So worth it! Thanks, Mendy!"

- Tiffany

"Seriously, that's why I love you so much. What took you 20 mins would have taken me 2 weeks."

- Tracie

"Mendy was a HUGE relief for me. She did a total revamp of my resume. So grateful for her help. I would recommend her to anyone."

- Wendi

"Awesome help on my spreadsheets. Such a huge relief as my business assistant."

- Kevin

"Mendy is exceptionally capable in whatever I've asked her to complete. She has provided computer assistance, as well as performing errands, shopping, and closet organization. She is a joy to be with, has a servant's heart, and works efficiently and thoroughly. I highly recommend her services."

- Carol

"Give your list to Mendy and she will tackle with gusto! I'm so impressed with her ability to make sense of someone else's mess! Let her rock your world! You will not regret it :)"

- Becca

"Mendy is a freedom creator! She is able to look at a situation and reshape it to save your business time and money. She'll complete tasks you don't have time for or don't like doing. I can't say enough about the benefit of her services."

- Matt

"Mendy with HDC is amazing. She is organized, efficient, down to earth, and brilliant. She created efficiencies in my home giving me more time with my family and energy for my business."

- Holly

"When details matter, Mendy is THE ONE! I can't imagine getting everything done, more importantly, done correctly, without her."

- Shannon

"WOMEN NOW would not exist without her. She is willing to do whatever is needed. She adds so much value to our organization."

- Lori

"As a small business owner, I wear many hats. Recently, HDC has vetted and interviewed potential job candidates. They are invaluable to me! I only wish I had found her 7 years ago."

- Faithann

"Thank you Mendy + team for helping us with our tasks + invoicing. We are very pleased! We found they're in tune with current technology, strong communication skills and very timely. We highly recommend them!"

- Jon

"I've known Mendy a long time, personally and professionally. She is dedicated, timely, thoughtful, and hard-working. She packed my belongings before our move and I was so grateful to have her help."

- Ryan

"I can't say enough good things about this business. They have changed my life!"

- Erica

"The Honey Do team went over and beyond with my to do list. I would get overwhelmed with the "where do I even start" mentality. The service exceeded my expectations!!! They really helped me get organized and honestly it has helped me stay that way!! Thank you, Mendy"

- Haley

"Mendy is wonderful! She is reliable and responsible. I trust her in my home, with my fur babies, and my kids. Whatever you need to be done, she will do it right and with excellence!"

- Denise

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