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Ease Your Stress + Free Your Time

I've been where you are! Is this how you feel?

You start a small business, in LOVE with the potential and freedom of working for yourself. You build your brand, network with your community, and start to see the growth happening. Then YIKES! You’re trying to manage every aspect of your business and find yourself running out of hours in the day. Your company is behind on sending invoices, you need to update customer information in your database, and prep a monthly newsletter.

We LOVE to partner with small business owners! By hiring us, you receive an executive level team that can provide support for most areas of your business including accounting. We offer monthly packages as low as $30/hour for easy budgeting. We understand how much time and effort you put into your company. Even when we’re not working, we’re thinking about some aspect of it. At the end of the day, you want to focus on what you LOVE and let us at the Honey Do Checklist help you fall back in love with your business. 

 Reasons to Outsource:

  1. Behind on Deadlines: What task are falling behind?

  2. Maxed out Capacity: Worth delegating out?

  3. Innovation is Needed: Let’s automate tasks for efficiency

  4. Skills & Needs don’t match: What task do you hate doing and procrastinate on?

  5. Other Priorities: We’re here so you can hand off task throughout the day so nothing falls through the cracks.

I'm Mendy, owner of the Honey Do Checklist 

I have worked from the ground up in many industries. Everything from an intern to setting up departments, workflows, and processes. I have always had a big picture view of what the final goal is and how to get there most efficiently. I’m comfortable taking initiative and focus on producing results. Corporate America has put me in various roles that required me to have a vast knowledge of different industries, able to build relationships, and provide accurate and detailed information for staff and management. 


Now self-employed, these roles have been a huge benefit and brought me to this point!  I’ve been blessed with the knowledge, drive, vision, and heart to serve others, work with amazing people throughout the community and build a business that supports other small businesses.

How does it work?

Image by Mike Yukhtenko
Let’s schedule a free consult to discuss your company and how we can help. We'll send you an Intake Form and can go through it together.
Image by Mike Yukhtenko
Our next step will be technology access, logins & passwords, documents, &  anything else needed to start completing task
Image by Mike Yukhtenko
We’ll schedule 4 weeks of zoom meetings to discuss task completion, address any questions, concerns, changes to implement, etc.


Image by Mike Yukhtenko
It doesn't have to stay this way!  You can get your life back while having a thriving business without feeling overwhelmed. Let's get started!


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